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May 11, 2023

3:30-5PM ADT

Brilliant Labs is an Atlantic Canadian-based registered charity that challenges youth, teachers and educators, and communities to actively consider the really big "What IF" questions of today.

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Join hundreds of youth innovators, and thousands of attendees on May 11th 2023 as they Make What IF Possible!

l’École Mascaret 610 Chemin McLaughlin Rd, Moncton, NB

Students, families and community are welcome 3:30-5pm to explore workshops, exhibits, Innovation Projects, robotics, Biomaking, invention stations and more!

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Open to the public

3:30-5PM ADT

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Make What IF Possible

Brilliant Labs believes that creativity and innovation skills are set within the interests and passions of students and youth. By recognizing these skills, we work with them to create an educational plan that fits their learning abilities and needs. And together with teachers and educators, we create STEAM-based – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics – programming that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a socially responsible, entrepreneurial spirit.

This dynamic mix supports youth education and empowerment by providing them with the tools to learn how to address our planet’s big "What IF" questions and develop solutions in classrooms, curricula and communities throughout Atlantic Canada, and beyond.

For the first time, Brilliant Labs is offering a small group of non-competing, technology- based companies and organizations exclusive, philanthropic opportunities to support Innovation Fair, and make more STEAM learning opportunities possible for Atlantic Canadian youth.

With more than 922,579+ STEAM connections Brilliant Labs is impacting learning and helping youth make valuable skill connections that will last a lifetime. Your sponsorship will be an invaluable part of our Innovation In Education Movement.

Together with you, we will find the right media mix to acknowledge and share your support in unique and engaging ways. Please join us in supporting this year’s Innovation Fair, and share how your organization is making “What IF” possible for students, teachers and educators, and communities in Atlantic Canada!

Join us May 11th!

l’École Mascaret

610 Chemin McLaughlin Rd, Moncton, NB

Learn how we will share news of your sponsorship and promote your company's commitment to Innovation In Education and ICT skills development.

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Open to the public

3:30-5PM ADT

Thank you for supporting Innovation Fair 2023 to enable youth, teachers and educators, and communities to actively consider the really big "What IF" questions of today

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Artists & Makers!

Are you ready to share and inspire youth? Join us at our Atlantic Canadian Innovation Fair and share your invention or art! This is a free opportunity to exhibit your work, but donations are welcome :)

l’École Mascaret 610 Chemin McLaughlin Rd, Moncton, NB

Community artists & makers can join us for set up from 10am-12pm with the Brilliant Labs Innovation Fair opening to the public at 3:30pm-5pm. Let's connect!

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Open to the public

3:30-5PM ADT


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We are here to help teachers, youth, and communities innovate and develop a sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit.

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