Check out the biomaking guide, a visual guide exploring making with biology

Releasing June 5th, 2023!

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What Is Biomaking?

Our biomaking initiative aims to foster young people’s curiosity in exploring complex biological systems in nature. The aim is to design meaningful projects for a sustainable future. Biomaking is an emerging concept of makerspaces in which makers explore biological systems and design projects by collaborating with harmless microbes like fungi, bacteria, yeast, and algae.

Why Biomaking?

Increasingly it is said, “Bio is the new Digital.” As modern interactive technologies are introducing young people to the world of bits and atoms, they are unleashing the power of computational thinking to solve problems and express themselves in creative ways. Similarly, biomaking allows young makers to tinker with living matter and design novel, dynamic, sustainable projects exploring complex biological systems for practical applications.

It’s A Great Mix: Earth Science & Biotech

Biomaking encourages innovation for a sustainable future where makers employ and learn from the world around them. Learners expore: Biomimicry, Biocollaboration and Biofabrication.

A visual guide to explore making with biology

Explore the exciting world of biomaking with our new guidebook! This is a must-have resource for educators and students who want to participate in imagining sustainable biological futures.

  • The guidebook includes a range of biomaking recipes and prompts
  • It is a valuable resource for expanding participation in sustainable design and bioengineering ethics
  • The guidebook emphasizes the importance of storytelling through art and design
  • It is a useful tool for educators and students who want to begin their biomaking journeys
By Alisha Collins

Foreword by Corinne Takara

Afterword by Dr. Andrew Pelling

Illustrations by Varshini Girish and Ishita Shailesh

Available June 5th 2023!

biomaking guide book

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