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On April 4th, 2024, approximately 2000 visitors, 500 students and 250 projects arrived in Miramichi, New Brunswick for the 2024 Innovation Fair!

Despite some weather issues we still had students and teachers travel far and wide from all 4 atlantic provinces!

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Join hundreds of youth innovators, and thousands of attendees on April 4th, 2024 as they Make What IF Possible!

Last May, the Brilliant Labs Innovation Fair (IF) debuted, challenging participants to tackle world issues. Over 2,500 youth, teachers, and community members converged at l’École Mascaret in Dieppe, NB. Join us again this spring on April 4th in Miramichi, NB. This IF, marking our 10th anniversary, will be Canada's largest youth STEAM event. Plus, Miramichi will be center stage for the solar eclipse and we are thrilled to be a part of the city’s celebration!! Don’t miss it, plan your projects and stay tuned more details….Save the date! April 4th

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Event Activities

  • Innovation Challenges: Rube Goldberg Machine/Simple Machine
  • Tinker CAD 3D design for a solution and print
  • Robotics/ Battle bot w/ Spheros
  • Sewing stations and wearable construction
  • Soldering station
  • Coding station: micro:bits, Circuit Playground Express, Makey Makey
  • Building: Snap circuits, Lego, Keva, straws and connectors
  • VIRTUAL reality and augmented reality
  • Green Screen w/ props, signs.Stop-motion
  • Drone racing

April 4th, 2024


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350 STEAM projects

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April 4th, 2024


We are here to help teachers, youth, and communities innovate and develop a sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurial spirit.

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