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Making A Difference Speaker Series

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Making A Difference Speakers: 2023-2024

Brilliant Labs Making a Difference Speaker Series: Innovating the Invisible & Recycling Pollution - with Anirudh Sharma

We are delighted to invite students, teachers, and parents to an exciting session with Anirudh, a pioneering creator of 'invisible' interfaces that interact with human senses and the environment. Anirudh’s work focuses on turning innovative ideas from sketches into real-world products, blending wearables and machine intelligence.

Anirudh has made significant strides at the convergence of technology, design, and environmental impact, earning him numerous awards and features in TED, Time magazine, and recognition as one of MIT TR35's '35 under 35' Inventors. He previously led a wearable tech startup focused on creating navigational shoes for the visually impaired. Additionally, Anirudh designed AIR-INK, a certified-safe and innovative product crafted from recycled carbon emissions, showcasing his commitment to environmentally conscious technology. His passion is evident in his work, which seamlessly integrates design and technology to positively impact everyday life.

Please join us on Thursday, December 14, at 1:00 p.m. AST. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to join independently or in groups. This session is most suitable for Grade 6 and above.

Making a Difference Master Classes:

Building on our speaker series, we're also facilitating Making a Difference Master Classes. In these follow-up sessions, our brilliant faculty will dive deeper, teaching specific skills that align with the content presented during the speaker series. The next master class is scheduled for Friday, December 15, at 1:30 p.m. AST and will focus on Circular Design. Join us for an enriching learning experience!

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headshot photo of Anirudh Sharma
Speakers Biography:

Anirudh is an innovator passionate about bringing lab ideas to life in the real world. Specializing in creating 'invisible' interfaces that seamlessly integrate with human senses and the environment, he has played a pivotal role in developing products that combine wearables and machine intelligence. His notable projects include AIR-INK, which reached 14 countries and collaborated with brands like Heineken and Dell, and Lechal, a Physical Gait-AI I/O platform launched at TED-MED and licensed for various applications, including elderly technology.

A former co-leader of the MIT Media Lab India Initiative, Anirudh has also made his mark in wearable technology, developing a haptic I/O platform for assistive navigation and gait analysis. His contributions have earned him a place on the MIT Technology Review TR35 Innovators list. As a researcher, Anirudh has authored papers for prestigious conferences like ACM/IEEE UIST, CHI, and ICMI. His tangible work, widely used in industries, is patented, peer-referenced, and incorporated into consumer products. Join us to hear Anirudh share his journey of innovation and impact.

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